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A Funny Break

Hey, people would actually be surprised to discover that here in Williamsburg, S.C. we have Toastmaster Gavel Club meetings as if we were on the streets. We are even charted by Toastmaster’s International and have had some pretty interesting meetings thus far.

One of our recent sessions early in the meeting is Jokemaster. Our Jokemaster for the day decided to be interviewed by a makeshift psychologist and he had multiple personalities. One being The Beast. He began to crumble, turn his head away from the audience and when he turned around, there were white fangs in his mouth and he had men in the audience who played roles while he jumped up and mimicked Michael Jackson’s thriller…it was hilarious but a good start to our weekend mornings right at 7:30am and last until 9:30am. By the way, this guy is only 4 feet 5 inches tall. Just thought I would share that with you guys.

— Michael R.

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