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A Clean Hobby

My name is Greg W. I was always called Greg growing up even though my name is Gregory. I was in the process of recovery when I found out about this indictment. I was also on my way to college to become an Addiction Specialist. I have had a lot of Nick Names. Crack head, meth head, Addict, felon, and WU “as in insane”. That’s just to name a few. In recovery I became a DJ for the Recovery Club in my area. It became a clean hobby of mine. I Dj’ed all over the Middle of Florida at recovery events. When I changed my life I decided to just go by Greg or Greg Addict. Like all my family and friends called me. Once I got sentenced I met a lot of people. Told them my story and introduced myself as Greg. For some reason people couldn’t remember what my name was but they remembered that I was a DJ on the street. Next thing I know I was called DJ. It has stuck through 3 different institutions. I guess its cool because when I get home. “Yes I am a lucky one, I have an out date”!!! I will know who is calling my name in public. If its DJ then I know them from prison!

— Greg W.

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