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16 Deaths in 7 Years

I do have a Story to tell, lol! I’ll make it as Short as Possible! I will be 50 Years Old on September 22nd, this year. I am a Mother of 3. Eric, Erica and Meishel. I was sentenced to 54 Months in Federal Prison, and I am just 3 Months into my time. I have worked in the Call Center Industry for Sales & Customer Service as well as Commercial Real Estate. I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, for the Love of Money! In 2012, I Lost my Only Son. 1 Month before my Son’s 24th BDay, he had an Asthma Attack. Prior to his death he had gotten a Record Deal… he decided to Sing and Rap – Christian Music & in that time Frame, He wrote a Song Called Over His Dead Body and Also one called Say Goodbye… he Produced from Age 15 up until his Death, that he would Not be here for long! My eldest Daughter who is Now 29, had Dedicated her Life to Christ 6 Months prior to her Brothers death. My 24 Year Old is Married to her Husband who is a Sergeant in the Military. I have experienced a total of 16 Deaths in 7 Years! One including my Sister, who was Murdered 21/2 Years ago, and Prior to coming here, we Buried my Brothers Son, who also just died of an Asthma Attack at age 28. I had a Non Profit Organization a few years before losing my child, and I have been in the Process of completing 2 Books, and this was Part of my Journey, that God had to sit me down, to Save me and to Live my Purpose Out. I come from a family of 6 and I have been the support for many Broken People. Relatives and Non Relatives. I will be serving my purpose while incarcerated and when I return. I was Broken…. But Not Broke!!! If that makes any since! My Purpose is to help Someone else, that has experienced what I have. Below is some of the things, I experienced. I’ve been a Victim of Domestic Violence, I’ve been the Victimizer as well, I was an Alcoholic, there’s been a few times that Men have tried to Rape me, but God Intervened before it could happen, I have been Incarcerated in 2004 in State Prison and Now 4 Years for Federal. I come from a Mother and father who raised us, but my Dad was an Alcoholic as well. My Life’s Journey and Purpose is to be a Part of Saving the World. One of the Books that is in Process, from My Brother and I is Called “STUCK”! We ALL have been stuck on something. My past 2 relationships, both Men Died at age 39 with a Heart Attack… nonetheless there are several more deaths that has followed. So as I sit here in Federal Prison, Once again, I was Sexually Assaulted and Discriminated against, But again, God Intervened! My Life has a Major Purpose! So I am letting Go to Let God! He saved my Daughter Erica, to Save my Life! She is a Warrior for the Lord and is leading this Generation for Change. I look forward to sharing more of my Stories, this is just the tip of the Ice Burg! Blessings!!!!

— Ms. Ashley R.

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