The 1,000 Stories Project - FAMM

The 1,000 Stories Project

Imagine a huge trunk, filled to the brim and spilling over with stories. Hopes, dreams, sorrows, joys … thousands of stories from prisoners all over the country. That “trunk” is this page. Here we share stories we collect from prisoners every week. It’s how we listen to those for whom we fight the hardest; it’s how prisoners express a part of them that usually isn’t heard. It’s these shared experiences, longings, frustrations, and images that drive and inform every step we take for reform at FAMM.

Dip into this collection and see what you find. And then come back—the collection is a living document, meaning that it will grow and change all the time. We hope 1,000 Stories inspires and informs.

You can also view previous installments of the 1000 Stories Project in our archive at the bottom of this page.