Where are Republicans on sentencing reform?

Post Date: September 12, 2013

(Washington Post) — The question in the title is the subject of this new column by Washington Post writer Greg Sargent.  Writes Sargent:  When Eric Holder announced recently that he is pursuing an ambitious package of sentencing reforms, including proposals to reduce “mandatory minimum” sentences, there was a widespread sense it could attract broad bipartisan support. The thinking was that agreement cuts across party lines that our decades-long experiment in mass incarceration has been a huge policy failure.

Now Dem Congressional aides are asking: Will leading Republicans step forward and support reform? Some bipartisan pairings of senators, like Patrick Leahy and Rand Paul, and Dick Durbin and Mike Lee, have already issued their own calls for action. The administration has already spoken out, which guarantees support among Congressional Dems. Where are leading Republicans? Read article