We Can Save Lives in 2015

Post Date: December 31, 2014

Julie Stewart, FAMM President

Julie Stewart, FAMM President

This was a great year. Any time we reduce sentences for more than 40,000 prisoners – as we did this summer – I feel like we’re making progress. But I just received a letter from a prisoner named David that reminded me, in stark terms, how much despair there still is behind bars. He wrote:

“Hello, I just learned that my Commutation of Sentence request was denied. No reasons were given as to why, after more than 25 years of incarceration, while maintaining good conduct in prison and doing all that is required – and more – that I was denied clemency. I must say that I do not feel well at this moment. The sad truth of the matter is that I now realize, once and for all, that I will die in prison, no matter what I do to get home.

His letter knocked the wind out of me. During his two decades in prison, David has done everything to improve himself and show that he is no longer the man who received a life sentence for a drug offense he committed in 1990. Why can’t he be released?

We have to help this man—and every other “lifer” who is not a public threat. The president says he wants to grant freedom to those who have served unjustly long sentences. Let’s make sure he does it. Let’s fight for the thousands of men and women who should’ve been returned to their families and communities long ago. We can save lives in 2015!

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Thank you!


Julie Stewart
Founder and President