Urgent! Please Help Pass Our Bills!

Post Date: March 18, 2014

Hello, Florida FAMM!

We are on the verge of passing the first real sentencing reform in Florida in nearly 15 years. Our bills reforming 10-20-Life AND Florida’s drug trafficking statute will be heard in the full Senate THIS WEEK!

  • SB 360 reforms Florida’s drug trafficking statute by raising the weight thresholds necessary to trigger mandatory minimums for “trafficking” in prescription drugs. It also relaxes the sentences for prescription drug trafficking crimes.
  • SB 448 allows for downward departure from 10-20-Life in aggravated assault cases where self-defense is an issue.  I am convinced that if this bill were law years ago, none of our profile cases would be in prison today, and that’s why we support this good bill enthusiastically.

Both SB 360 and SB 448 will be heard in the full Senate this Thursday, March 20. I can’t express how important it is to our movement that this bill passes now. FAMM has worked with the sponsors of these bills from the very beginning, and we are thrilled to see them ready for a vote!

Now, it’s your turn.

It is VITAL that you email YOUR SENATOR and tell him or her to support SB 360 and SB 448. It’s easy!
1.    Go here: http://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/Find. Type in your zip code to find your Senator.
2.    Click “Email this Senator.”
3.    Under “Topic,” click “Other.”
4.    In the “Your Comment or Question” box, type: “Please Support SB 360 and SB 448.”
5.    Type in your contact information.
6.    Click “Send Email.”

That’s it!

We’ve never been this close to passing sentencing reform before. It’s time to act and get it done! Thank you for your help!

Greg Newburn, FAMM Florida Project Director