Unhappy Anniversary – NEW VIDEO

Post Date: October 27, 2016

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. And at FAMM, we’re not celebrating. This law established our current federal mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws, which we are working to get rid of everyday.

In this video, we urge lawmakers not to celebrate, but to repeal this ill-conceived law.


If you like reading more than watching, check out FAMM’s latest Huffington Post article, written by Molly Gill.






Kevin Ring
Vice President

2 Responses to “Unhappy Anniversary – NEW VIDEO”

  1. Rochelle L Gilbert

    The President Obama Clemency Project for the outdated drug laws since 1980’s is overdue to release prisoners on non-violent drug cases in the federal prisons. I was informed that the Caribbean prisoner’s are left behind in the 2016 Clemency process where’s the Pardon Attorney’s are neglecting Carribbean countries prisoner’s are not in the process of releasing under The Clemency process. If this true, what is being done about this and why? The Carribbean community deserve part of the process, although it stated each prisoner’s case is reviewed individually. Their families have voted for President Obama in 2008 & 2012, so their right’s means something. Can this be investigated at some point, because we know this President will be leaving office soon, and DOJ also needs to investigate. Thank you.

    • Rochelle L Gilbert

      I read your comments on the drug laws but what did not get address was that Caribbean prisoner’s are NOT being released although they have voted for President Obama in his last elections. If that can be addressed on immigration status and each individual case is different.


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