Every year, more than $60 billion is spent incarcerating prisoners. Many of these prisoners are nonviolent offenders who pose no threat to public safety. We believe that responsible repeal of mandatory sentences can greatly reduce the cost of this burden to taxpayers. As a taxpayer, you should know where your tax dollars are going. Take a minute to learn about mandatory minimum sentences, advocate for their repeal, and educate other citizens about this drain on our resources. 

Check out this video about the myths and realities of mandatory minimums!


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December 31, 2014

We Can Save Lives in 2015

This was a great year. Any time we reduce sentences for more than 40,000 prisoners – as we did this summer – I feel like we’re making progress. But I just received a letter from a prisoner named David that reminded me, in stark terms, how much despair there still is behind bars. He wrote:… Read more »

December 23, 2014

Won’t Stop Fighting

When a loved one goes to prison, it’s an indescribable loss— you mourn for them and cry and it shakes up your world. Your heart is ripped open and you are sick to your stomach. This is what happened when my brother, Tim Tyler, was given a mandatory life sentence in 1994 for selling LSD…. Read more »