State Prisoners


Eric K. Arthur

Eric was working as a pharmacist when a customer and his wife offered to start paying him hundreds of dollars for each false painkiller prescription he filled. He agreed so he could provide for his relatives in Ghana, and he is now serving a mandatory 25-year sentence for conspiracy to traffic 28 grams or more… Read more »

Todd Hannigan

Following years of addiction and stints behind bars, in 2009, Todd went to a park and tried to end his life with a handful of Vicodin and alcohol. For that, he is now serving 15 years in prison for trafficking between 14 to 28 grams of hydrocodone, even though he demonstrated no intention of selling… Read more »

Atiba Parker

Atiba was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at age 24 and started selling small amounts of crack so he could purchase marijuana for self-medication. He is serving a 42-year prison sentence for two counts of sale of cocaine and one count of possession. Bounced around facilities, Atiba does not have adequate access to his psychiatric medication…. Read more »

David Lee Sanchez

David was only 14 when he first started selling marijuana to support his own habit. At 18, he and his uncle were arrested for dealing, and David’s uncle blamed David for everything. He received the mandatory 18 years and nine months to 23 years and three months for conspiracy to traffic and trafficking methamphetamine. David… Read more »

Michelle Taylor

Michelle was sentenced to life in prison for lewdness with a minor under 14, even though a psychologist found she was unlikely to commit another offense and she had no history of sexual misconduct. In fact, she used alcohol as an adult to cope with the pain of sexual trauma from her own childhood. Under… Read more »

Tracy Cowan

Despite a clean record and no evidence proving that she sold drugs, Tracy was sentenced to 20 to 40 years for her ex-boyfriend’s dealing operation. She was arrested before the passage of sentencing reforms in Michigan that would have reduced her sentence. Tracy was raised in the Detroit area.  She enjoyed a happy childhood and… Read more »

James Belt

James is serving mandatory life without parole for distribution of 0.10 grams of crack cocaine because his addiction-related priors classified him as a habitual offender. James grew up in a public housing project in New Orleans, Louisiana with his three siblings. Through sheer determination and hard work, James graduated from high school, earned his Associates… Read more »