Federal Prisoners


Angela & Kimberly Bush

After selling drugs to support their addictions, Angela and Kimberly were sentenced to 15 1/2 years and 19 1/2 years, respectively, based on minimum guideline sentences. The Bush sisters were born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Their abusive father abandoned the family when the girls were young, leaving their mother to support eight children on… Read more »

Patrick Ryan

Over the course of decades of battling addiction, Patrick served terms in prison for burglary, escape, and DUI offenses. One drunken night he pawned a firearm as a felon, and although he attempted to rectify his mistake upon sobering up, he received a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence. Patrick’s lengthy criminal record is closely linked to… Read more »

Ricky Darden

UPDATE: On August 3, 2016, President Obama commuted Ricky’s sentence. Ricky received life in prison without parole for possession with intent to distribute cocaine base. Because of Ricky’s prior offenses, the judge had no discretion in sentencing. Ricky was raised by his grandmother in North Carolina until he was ten, at which point he moved… Read more »

Celestia Mixon

   Celestia began using drugs at a young age to cope with her father’s abusive behavior. She turned to selling meth to feed her addiction, and was indicted for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute meth while in possession of a firearm. Although at the time of her sentencing she had achieved sobriety and… Read more »