Federal Prisoners



David Mosby

David Mosby is serving 40 years in prison for his involvement in a methamphetamine offense — his first conviction. Twenty-five years into his sentence, David has remained actively involved in the lives of his daughter and two sons, now grown and with children of their own. David lost both of his parents early in childhood… Read more »

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Donel Marcus Clark

Donel Marcus Clark has already served two decades of a 35-year prison sentence for his involvement in a nonviolent drug conspiracy – his first and only offense. During his time in prison, Donel has maintained a perfect disciplinary record, earned outstanding work reviews, taken numerous classes and worked hard to better himself. He has also… Read more »


Edward Young

When Edward Young agreed to help his recently widowed neighbor sell some of her late husband’s effects, he had no idea that it would lead to a 15 year mandatory prison sentence. His troubles started two decades earlier when, as a young man, he committed a series of small time burglaries and served some time… Read more »

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Ronald J. Evans

Ronald Evans was just 16 years old when he joined the conspiracy that would result in his being sentenced to life in prison. Raised by a single mother in a Virginia public housing project, Ronald had difficulty in school, and, as a young teenager, began getting into fights and associating with drug dealers in his… Read more »


Arlana Moore

Arlana Moore grew up in a very strict household in the small town of West, Texas. She was a good student, but started to experience panic attacks and depression as a teenager. She turned to drugs – first doctor-prescribed “weight loss” drugs that, in reality, were similar to methamphetamine. However, she still tried to pursue… Read more »

Mandy Martinson

Mandy Martinson

Mandy Martinson is serving 15 years in federal prison for helping her dealer-boyfriend in exchange for feeding her methamphetamine addiction. Mandy’s judge, unable to go below the mandatory minimum, expressed his objection to the sentence stating: “The Court does not have any particular concern that Ms. Martinson will commit crimes in the future.” Mandy was… Read more »

Weldon Angelos

Weldon Angelos

Weldon Angelos is serving a mandatory 55 years in prison for selling a few pounds of marijuana while possessing a firearm – a sentence so extreme that his judge, unable to go below the mandatory minimum, called on the president to commute Weldon’s sentence. Barring such a presidential commutation, taxpayers will spend over $1.5 million… Read more »