FAMM Policy Proposals for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s mandatory minimum sentencing laws have proven to be an ineffective, unjust, and expensive tool for protecting public safety. FAMM believes that state lawmakers should follow the better approach adopted by other states, which involves restoring discretion to courts to impose individualized sentences after considering all the relevant factors and circumstances of a crime. By reserving longer sentences for more serious offenders, state lawmakers can save taxpayer dollars or redirect those savings to proven alternatives to reduce crime and recidivism, including drug treatment, hiring more police, and job training.

To carry out its objectives, FAMM supports policy proposals to:

  1. Oppose reinstatement of all drug- and gun-related mandatory minimum laws invalidated by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in June 2015;
  2. Repeal all mandatory minimum sentencing laws;
  3. Alternatively, pass what is known as a “safety valve” law to allow judges to depart below a mandatory minimum sentence under certain conditions.