In 2015, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) signed into law an ALEC-style safety valve that was drafted narrowly to affect only lower level drug offenders. She urged lawmakers to follow up on that reform by eliminating all state mandatory minimums for drug possession charges. FAMM strongly supported this proposal and reached out to lawmakers in the state. With support from both the House and Senate, a series of criminal justice reforms were sent to Governor Fallin. On April 28, 2016, Governor Fallin signed HB 2479, a bill that repeals mandatory minimum sentences for first-and second drug possession offenses, and reduces the maximum sentences for those crimes. This is a big step forward for smarter sentencing in Oklahoma. There is more to be done but the state continues to lead on sentencing reform. 

How You Can Advocate for Sentencing Reform in Your State

You can do several things to work toward reforming your state’s sentencing laws – go to our get involved page to find out how.

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Sentencing/Criminal Justice Reform Groups in this State:

April 28, 2016

FAMM Applauds Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin for Signing Repeal of Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Leila McDowell, lmcdowell@famm.org, 202.822.6700 WASHINGTON— Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) today applauded Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin for signing a bill aimed at reducing Oklahoma’s prison population. HB 2479 repeals mandatory minimum sentences for first-and second drug possession offenses, and reduces the maximum sentences for those crimes. The bill was sponsored by… Read more »

April 22, 2016

Slate of Criminal Justice Reform Measures Go to Oklahoma Governor

(NewsOK.com) — The Oklahoma Senate has approved and sent to Gov. Mary Fallin a slate of measures to reform the state’s overcrowded criminal justice system. Fallin supports the bills, which are intended to limit the state’s high incarceration rate. More nonviolent offenders would be diverted into treatment rather than prison. “These reforms ensure public safety… Read more »

April 7, 2016

Oklahoma Senate Panel OKs Bill to Curb Inmate Population

(Durant Democrat) — An Oklahoma Senate panel approved several proposals Wednesday designed to ease the explosive growth in the state’s prison population, signaling potential willingness by the Republican-controlled Legislature to embrace a new approach to criminal justice reform. The Senate Appropriations Committee overwhelmingly approved all of the measures, several of which are endorsed by Gov. Mary… Read more »

March 9, 2016

Oklahoma House Passes Criminal Justice Reform Measures

(NewsOK.com) — Oklahoma district attorneys would gain increased discretion to charge nonviolent crimes as a misdemeanor rather than a felony under a bill approved by the Oklahoma House on Monday. The House also approved a bill to increase the felony threshold for property crimes from $500 to $1,000. It also approved a change in the… Read more »