History of Legislation

Ohio enacted legislation that repeals mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenders, requires first-time nonviolent offenders to be sent to community control, job training or treatment programs instead of prison, and allows for shorter sentences for low level trafficking and possession offenses. 

SB 143 allows counties to establish community alternative sentencing centers to serve as work-release detention centers for people sentenced to 90 days for a misdemeanor. Previously, only those sentenced to 30- or 60-day sentences were eligible, and counties were only authorized to plan for the creation of the centers.


   Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corrections Budget: $1.27 billion 

   Total Prison Cost per year: $1.32 billion 

   Avg Annual Inmate Cost: $25,814 

   State Population: 11.59 million people

   Prison Population: 50,899 people


How You Can Advocate for Sentencing Reform in Your State

You can do several things to work toward reforming your state’s sentencing laws – go to our get involved page to find out how.

Encourage your state lawmakers to support mandatory minimum sentencing reform. Be sure to connect with FAMM and other sentencing reformers on Facebook, Twitter, and by signing up for our email list.

Sentencing/Criminal Justice Reform Groups in this State:

April 5, 2017

New Ohio law designed to stop repeat drunk drivers goes into effect

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March 7, 2017

Kasich Pleads With Judges To Soften Sentences

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March 7, 2017

The Resurrection of Ohio’s Justice Reinvestment Act

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March 7, 2017

ACLU To Ohio Lawmakers: Hold Off On Crime Bills, Please

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