History of Legislation

SB 124 decriminalizes the possession or use of marijuana when prescribed by a physician or used in an FDA-approved clinical trial.

                       QUICK FACTS 

    Kentucky Dept. of Corrections Budget: $272.5 million 

    State Expenses: $311.7 million 

   Avg Annual Cost per inmate: $14,603 

   State Population: 4.413 million people

   State Incarcerated Population: 21,701 people


How You Can Advocate for Sentencing Reform in Your State

You can do several things to work toward reforming your state’s sentencing laws – go to our get involved page to find out how.

Encourage your state lawmakers to support mandatory minimum sentencing reform. Be sure to connect with FAMM and other sentencing reformers on Facebook, Twitter, and by signing up for our email list.

Sentencing/Criminal Justice Reform Groups in this State:

March 7, 2017

Gov. Bevin Unveils Major Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Originally seen in WDRB. LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A bipartisan group of legislators and advocates, led by Gov. Matt Bevin, has unveiled a major criminal justice reform bill. Senate Bill 120 is designed to help people with criminal records stay out of jail, and get back to work. Supporters say it would both save taxpayer dollars… Read more »

February 28, 2017

House can help turn Kentuckians away from crime by approving SB 120

Complete article found via Lexington Herald-Leader Kentucky has much to be proud of, but we cannot be blind to the commonwealth’s greatest challenges, and we must be honest about failed policies that hold us back. Over the past decade, I have become immersed in the work of the Hope Center, which began as a safe housing… Read more »

February 17, 2016

Sentencing Reform Bill Will Save Kentucky Millions, Lawmaker Says

(WKU Public Radio) — A bill proposed in the state House of Representatives would reduce penalties for some crimes with the goal of saving the state money, according to the legislation’s sponsor. Rep. Brent Yonts, a Democrat from Greenville, has filed a bill that would create a new crime category called “gross misdemeanor,” which would… Read more »

November 4, 2013

Use of Tough Federal Sentencing Laws Varies Widely Nationwide

(Los Angeles Times) —  As drug dealers go, Lori Ann Newhouse was strictly small time. A high school dropout from a little Iowa town, Newhouse had three sons, a low-paying job as a telemarketer and a relentless methamphetamine habit. On St. Patrick’s Day in 2011, Newhouse bought cold tablets used to make meth and traded them to a lab for… Read more »