How You Can Advocate for Sentencing Reform in Your State

You can do several things to work toward reforming your state’s sentencing laws – go to our get involved page to find out how.

Encourage your state lawmakers to support mandatory minimum sentencing reform. Be sure to connect with FAMM and other sentencing reformers on Facebook, Twitter, and by signing up for our email list.

Sentencing/Criminal Justice Reform Groups in this State:

October 9, 2013

Sentencing Reform Work is Encouraging: Alaska Adopted System to Reduce Disparities, but It’s Costing Us Dearly

(Fairbanks News-Miner editorial) — The recent push to revise Alaska’s criminal sentencing system is encouraging, and not just because it is a truly bipartisan effort in a political landscape that has too few such collaborations. Legislators involved in the task have two fundamental goals that few people would argue against: 1. Save money for the state. 2. Help… Read more »