Twice since 2011, FAMM and its members have successfully campaigned for the U.S. Sentencing Commission to reduce guideline sentences for drugs—and to make those guideline changes retroactive. In 2011, the Commission voted to make its FSA-conforming amendment retroactive, a policy change that affected 12,000 federal crack-cocaine prisoners. In 2014, after receiving more than 60,000 letters, the Commission voted to make the “All Drugs Minus Two” guideline change apply retroactively, allowing more than 40,000 prisoners to petition for resentencing. While neither of these changes affected mandatory minimum sentences, they are providing relief to prisoners whose sentences fell below the lowest mandatory minimum, in between various mandatory minimum sentences, and above the mandatory minimum. FAMM has already begun to hear from prisoners whose sentences will be reduced or who are heading home to their families. 

FAMM has also heard from federal prisoners who have been granted clemency by the President of the United States. Many of these prisoners have been FAMM members since the early days of their incarceration. Thanks to the efforts of Clemency Project 2014 and other dedicated lawyers, hundreds of prisoners received commutations under President Obama. Clemency Project 2014 ended in December 2016.

These are some of the stories of those released from prison early because of FAMM’s work.

RICHARD – BOP release date 1/7/18

This sentence reduction means the world to me and my family.  It is the happiest I have been in my 6+ years of incarceration…It means that I will now be able to see my 12-year-old graduate high school.  I will be able to see the bat mitzvah of my 8-year-old.  The date 5/30/2021 was always my moniker in here…now, it is no more.  And words alone cannot express the elation I feel.  I want to thank your entire staff for being my pipeline of information with all that has happened.  I have read all your emails, and you have given me two things that are all I could ask for…one is the truth in all you say,  and the second is hope, and I never lost that hope, thanks to the infectious enthusiasm that you have for all of us in here.  Your unbiased, non-judgmental views have kept me afloat for a long time, and you will continue to do so until the day I leave. Thank you, FAMM.

RONNELLE – BOP release date 5/17/23

Dear FAMM, Well I just received a 34-month reduction and I’m ecstatic about it as are my loved ones. It’s just a blessing and us as inmates owe you guys a lot of credit for advocating for those of us that are incarcerated with no voice. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done for me and my brother and sisters that are incarcerated you guys fight hard for us and our families because they are doing time with us and it’s a lot of heartache that comes along with being incarcerated. Once again thank you for everything and please keep up the great work!

JUSTIN – BOP release date 5/31/19

I’m currently finishing college correspondence courses towards an associates with a concentration in math and science. I developed software and websites before my incarceration and plan to work in the information technology job field. [I]…hope to earn a job at a successful start-up as well as work in the open source community developing software for non-profit organizations…Thanks for all you guys do!

ROBERT – BOP release date 7/3/16

Thank you for getting my Sentence Reduced! I get out [of prison] now March of 2016.

JOSEFINA – BOP release date 11/1/15

Dear FAMM, I would like to tell you about my reduction of sentence. My name is Josefina and I’m 65-years old. I already served 14 years, so now I happily wait for my date to go back home to my family I love who is my support and my Jewish community…My reduction was almost 4 years (from 235 to 188). Thank God. I credit your organization for how much this helps inmates like me.

ELLIOTT – BOP release date 5/8/18

Hello FAMM, I was originally sentenced to 151 months. And my reduction shorted my sentence by 30 months to 121 months which will allow me [to go] home in 2018 as opposed to 2020. I thank God and FAMM so very, very much for that relief. Sincerely grateful.

GERALD – BOP release date 6/28/16

Dear FAMM: I am 39 years old and currently serving what was an 84 month prison sentence for a Drug Conspiracy. On April 15th [my judge] granted my motion and reduced my sentence to 70 months! This means the world to me especially because with the halfway house I am getting I will be able to make it home for my daughter’s sweet sixteen! I have basically been in prison since she was 1 year old, going from the state to federal prison and because of that have never really even had the chance to be there for my kids. This reduction is helping me give the best gift of all to my daughter and that is to be there on this very special date! It has also allowed me to regain custody of my 3 kids who are currently in foster care and because of this reduction I will be able to come home and rebuild our lives and our family. Thank you all so much for the work you all do. The fight is still there but with God’s angels (all of you), it helps us win just a little bit more.

ALEXIS – BOP release date 4/7/17

Reduced by drugs minus two, [I was sentenced to] possession with the intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine base. Sentenced to 46 months but my sentence was reduced to 37 months. Plans when I get out are to enjoy my life with my wife and kids and work at the paper mill in my city. Thank you.

CHARLES – BOP release date 6/5/17

First and for most I thank God for the sentencing reduction I received from 275 months to 235 months and I thank you all a lot because you have all been working a lot for us…Hoping to be with my family soon. I have been behind these walls for almost two decades. Thank you for your good work and time.

ARNULFO – BOP release date 1/11/16

Dear FAMM, We thank you for everything you guys do for us. You guys are so amazing, without you we wouldn’t be getting reductions. I’m happy to say that I received 15 months off my sentence, I will be going home soon. My family is so happy to have me home. It’s been 6 years. I cant wait to come home so I can start a legit job and start my clothing line. Thank you, FAMM.

AUGUSTUS – BOP release date 3/9/17

First let me start with giving all the glory to God, my family for being patient, and all the people at FAMM and whoever else has helped. Thank you so very much! The two point reduction has brought me closer to realizing how easily we put our lives in the hands of people, how I could have been gone longer. At first it was sixty months, since the reduction my sentence went down to 46 months, giving me hope for being home much sooner, being able to dream of making my life better for my family, being able to be there for them when they need me most, and being able to watch and teach my son and grandkids and grow and laugh with them (something I’ve missed the most)…Thanks again for being in our corner.

JAMES – BOP release date 11/1/15

I received the drugs minus 2 and got 30 months off and I am currently waiting for my halfway house date. I have been gone away from my family for 9 years and it has been the longest time of my life, the worst, but because of the work y’all do for us, I get the chance to go home early and from the bottom of me and my family’s hearts, we thank you and will always support FAMM no matter what. My kids are so ready for me to get home. They know I’m coming, just don’t know the exact day so my wife and I are going to surprise them. When my wife picks me up, my mother in law is going to meet us at a restaurant [with the kids]. It’s going to be the best surprise ever for them. I can’t wait…Once again, me and my wife and kids thank you very much. It’s going to be the best Christmas present ever and it only happened because of FAMM…I will never forget the blessing y’all made happen for me and my family.

LISA – BOP release date 6/29/19

I have just received a reduction of 18 months from amendment 782 known as the 2 level reduction. I would like to thank FAMM for pushing to get this passed along with all of the other things that are being done by FAMM and encouraging Congress to make happen.  I’m hoping I can help in some way when I am finally home to push for the bills that are floating out there, and that are in such need of passing…This was too much of a punishment and took me away from my husband, and my children, and grand children. I’m hoping and praying for things to happen soon so that the ones coming in in the future will not have to endeavor this. So again, thank you, for all that FAMM does.

WENDY – BOP release date 5/7/16

I was diagnosed with Chronic leukemia while incarcerated in 2012. I plan on going home to adjust to my new lifetime illness and I want to spend time with my family and the grandchildren that my children have had since I have been away.  I would like to go back to the construction business I was in before I got my indictment, but I’m not sure with my age and illness that I would be able to continue in that employment area… I just want to go home and be a part of my family again. They have grown up without me and turned out to be such great kids, with kids of their own now.  I have missed so much. I cannot wait to enjoy thanksgiving with my whole family again.
Thank you.

RAMONA – BOP release date 11/1/15

I wanted to let FAMM know that I just received 57 months off of avery lengthy sentence due to the “ALL Drugs Minus Two” retroactive change to the Sentencing Guidelines…I am ecstatic to finally go home on October 30, 2015, after having served 307 months and 28 days with my good time.  My new sentence is 295 months which I have already completed.  Thanks for all you do for all of us incarcerated people.

MILTON – BOP release date 2/23/16

Thanks to FAMM and the Drugs -2 law I have received 40 months off of my sentence. Down from 160 months to 120 months. Now I am preparing to be released. Thank You FAMM for your hard work!!!

JOHN – BOP release date 11/1/15

FAMM, I want you to know that I am so grateful for all you do to help men like myself in these situations. I have been in prison for 19 years and 5 months for a drug conspiracy, I just received a reduction from 292  to 235 months…I’ll be released November the 10th a free man if it be God’s will but I am in prayer for those that may face this same problem. Please  know that I am thankful for all you have done. Keep up the excellent work.

JASON – BOP release date 5/21/17

Hello FAMM, I have been reading and taking in all the things that has happened over the past 11 years. As a first time felon I have been blessed with a two level reduction back in 08, But recently in Jan. I received a letter from a public defender stating that I was eligible for the 782/minus 2. I am currently still waiting but am very, very optimistic about this movement; this was surely out of left field…I thank you FAMM for being that voice when everyone else felt different about people like me who wants another chance at being a productive citizen. Thanks a million.

DAVID – BOP release date 3/13/18

I was sentenced to 160 months for conspiracy for possession with intent to distribute oxycodone… I was granted a sentence reduction of 32 months for all drugs minus two. I can now get home much earlier to my daughter who is 6 years old. My wife passed away from breast cancer 3 years ago at the age of 33. Thank God my daughter is with family, but without both parents it is hard…. Thank you for fighting for us.

LISA – BOP release date 10/22/17

I wanted to let you know that I received my 2 point sentence reduction today!! I thought you would like to celebrate with me. I had 151 months and the reduction took 30 months off-so now I have 121 months. It’s so exciting …FINALLY, some justice.  I am almost done-depending on the amount of halfway house that I get…Thank you for all of the work that you do!

AUGUSTUS – BOP release date 3/3/16

Thanks guys, you all did a wonderful job…it reduced my time to receive 46 months instead of the 60 months I originally received, giving me a second chance to get home sometime this year, in 2016. Thanks again and have a nice day!

RAYMOND – BOP release date 1/11/19

Thank you and God bless for all that you do!!! I can honestly say, that I appreciate your efforts and dedication for justice and really want you and the staff at FAMM to know without your hard work, I believe my situation would not be so good. Back in 2012 I received a reduction from the “crack” law, now the two points has reduce my time significantly and I will be going home to my family around soon, instead of 2027. For this I am forever grateful!

LATOYIN – BOP release date 8/2/16

I am happy to say that I was originally sentenced to 168 months for cocaine base.  The 2010 FSA granted me 33 months relief in 2013, now the All Drugs Minus Two has granted me the other 15 months.  This now sends me on my way to meet my new grandson in 2016… I truly appreciate all of your time and efforts on our behalf.  Thanks again!  From me, my daughter, and my Grandson.

STEPHEN – BOP release date 5/8/16

Thanks for helping me because I got 23 months off my sentence!

CHARLES – BOP release date 12/30/15

I am one who has received a sentence reduction from the minus 2 points amendment of 30 months. Thank You very much for your help to get this DONE! May Blessing come upon you all!

GREGORY – BOP release date 12/19/17

I got my sentence lowered by 17 months. I went from a  87 month to a 70 month sentence. Thank You.

JIMMY – BOP release date 8/28/23

Thanks for all you do. I got 3 years, 6 months off. Thanks. I’m glad for FAMM, we all are…

MARY – BOP release date 11/1/15

Hi, I’m Mary. I have received the reduction. I got a 210 months sentence. I have done 13 years of that sentence. I will be home in this year and now my release date is November 1 2015…I just wanted to say thanks for all the support and help.

JERRY – BOP release date 1/9/16

I would like with this to thank each of you that have worked so hard for us prisoners to have a second chance at life. Forever I’ll be thankful to the FAMM family by not giving up on us. Soon I’ll be home with my son once again. He is proudly serving this country in the marines. Today when I got in touch with him I told him that I got granted [a sentence reduction], he had tears of joy, and he thanks everyone of you by helping me come home soon. Thank u so much.

CARLOS – BOP release date 11/1/15

I just wanted to write y’all and say thanks for all the hard work y’all do and for recognizing that these federal guidelines are harsh on some people. Thanks for everything…you ALL at FAMM are truly our voice for us in here. I’m writing because today I received my 2 level reduction and it knocked off 5 years off my original sentence. I will be coming home in 8 months now. So again thank you all for the fight y’all put in for us and know that we do truly appreciate you behind these walls. I been away since the age of 19 and I’m 28 now. It’s a blessing to be going home in 8 months now….again thank you all for the fight and for being our voice and not forgetting about us in here.

JAMES – BOP release date 1/18/20

I want to thank every one at FAMM…I went from 200 months to 151 months,a total reduction of 49 months. I was at a loss for words, and if you new me you would know that doesn’t happen very often. Again, I want to thank every one at FAMM for there help and support. I thank you and so does my family.

AZIEL – BOP release date 9/28/18

I’ve just gotten my 2 point reduction and I’m blessed to say I went from having a 2021 outdate to 2018 outdate… FAMM has help so many people with the information you give us, [giving us] a heads up with things us normal people aren’t aware of with the criminal laws and procedures… Thank you, for all of your help FAMM.

BOBBY – BOP release date 10/30/15

I have done 113 months in federal prison and I am very thankful for all your work. My sentence was reduced by 18 months which I am really thankful to God for the reduction… I am so grateful my time is up next Friday… Thanks again for your hard work, we really appreciate all you do.