Ready, Set, Go!

Post Date: March 25, 2013

Why wait until Patriots Day? The starting gun has been fired in our marathon for sentencing justice, and we’ll be racing towards victory for the rest of this legislative session. But don’t just stand there on the sidelines! Lace up your running shoes and join us as we work for passage of FAMM’s bills. Click here to send a message to your state representative.

FAMM’s bills. FAMM’s two bills now have official bill numbers and have been assigned to the Judiciary Committee.

  • H.1646, An Act to repeal mandatory minimum sentencing laws for drug offenses. This bill would repeal all mandatory minimums for drug offenses. It would also make all drug offenders, at both the county and state level, eligible for parole, work release and earned good time after serving half of the mandatory minimum for their offense.  Click here for a more detailed summary.
  • H.1645, An Act to reform the “school zone” law for drug offenses. This bill would reduce the size of school zones from 300 feet to 100 feet, exclude from the school zone law those drug offenses that occur within a private home as well as instances where a student under 18 sells drugs to another student at her or her school. It would also allow all school zone offenders to be eligible for parole, work release and earned good time after serving half of the mandatory minimum. Click here  for a more detailed summary.

A great warm up! Thank you, Massachusetts FAMM members, for asking your legislators to co-sponsor our bills. As a result of your good work, a diverse group of representatives from around the state signed on to our bills. They are listed in the bill summaries. And for those reps who didn’t co-sponsor our bills, you started a conversation about the need for reform.

Keeping a steady pace. With today’s message to your state representative, we are just heading out from Hopkinton. We’ve got a long way to go before we get to the finish line and we will need your help every step of the way. Consider rounding up some running buddies — family or friends who share your commitment to justice. You can keep each other motivated in the months ahead!



Barbara J. Dougan
Massachusetts Project Director
Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)

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