Family Perspectives

When someone is sentenced to a mandatory minimum prison term, their entire family is affected.

My Story: Tiffany O.

In 2008 my daughter’s father was taken into custody for conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. I was 2 months pregnant at the time of his arrest. She was born without him and 6 months old before they finally met. He plead out in hopes of the 10 year mandatory minimum his lawyer suggested but received… Read more »

My Story: Stacy C.

My husband is serving a 17 year sentence for conspiracy to sell meth, even though he never got caught with anything. He has 6 children, one which is mine, who is an 11 year old boy. His has had to live over half of his life without his father and it has not been easy…. Read more »

My Story: Tianti

My family has endured the pain of losing a loved one to the prison system. Not once but twice. My cousin was sentenced to 20 years for drug conspiracy. My other half, the father of my three children, was sentenced to 20 years as well as his brother sentenced to 20 years. All by the… Read more »

My Story: Tina H.

My parents are both in federal prisons. Coal miner & school bus driver. My dad now is a 62 year old and only has 19% lung function. The East Dist Pike County KY gave him 22 years which is a life sentence. He went into the court room that day being labeled a level 5… Read more »

My Story: Alicia D.

Because of mandatory sentencing, the father of my three children is now serving 15 years in a federal facility. He has never owned a weapon or physically harmed anyone but yet he was given more time than a person who commits a murder. His case is unjust and unfair. He was low level and they… Read more »

My Story: Sonia S.

My fiance was sentenced to mandatory 5-10 years. And he was a first time offender, for a non violent crime. They didn’t care if he had never been in trouble with the law before, they didn’t take it into consideration. My kids have been affected deeply by his long sentence and even though he has… Read more »


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