Pardon Humans, Not Just Turkeys

Post Date: November 25, 2013

Obama Pardons Turkey(Huffington Post op-ed by Molly Gill) — As President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder ramp up the administration’s support for reforming federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws, there is one tool they have not used yet and should: the presidential pardon power.

That power allows the president to pardon former offenders, thus restoring their rights. It also allows him to commute (reduce) the sentences of federal prisoners serving punishments that are unjust, unnecessary by virtue of the person’s extraordinary rehabilitation, or both. President Obama will soon issue pardons to two otherwise destined-for-dinner Thanksgiving turkeys. Granting some commutations for humans would not just use the pardon power as our founding fathers intended, but also could add momentum to sentencing reform bills being considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee in the next several weeks. Read more

6 Responses to “Pardon Humans, Not Just Turkeys”

  1. margaret hoover

    The President needs to reduce all non violet prisoners sentence. Commute them all. Put parole back so they have a chance to get out without depending on the congress. Thay have been talking for years and nothing done to help the ones in prison already. Just like Holder, what he did is a great thing but doesn’t help the ones already there.

  2. Sonya Ware

    I am asking President Obama to please bring back pardons for federal inmates for non violent drug offenders. My husband has been incarcerated for 10 years,

  3. Davada Davis

    I will say it again until we are willing to look at all crimes and give each person an individual sentencing we are doing many people an injustice. This should include sex offenders and drug offenders. We have way to many young men and women in prison who made bad choices and if given a chance and education they would become a benifit to our society instead of taking money that needs to be used for the true sex offenders and drug dealers. When are we going to wake up! I hope and pray we don’t just look at drug offenders and let others stay in prison unjustily.

  4. Gayle Kosola

    The American justice system has no justice. The suffering that goes on in these prisons is absolutely INHUMANE!!!! I wanted to do an email sign-up, but I can’t from Canada!

  5. Hyacinth Levy

    My husband is a/n Honorably Discharged Vietnam Era Veteran. Yes, he messed up… He made some bad choices for which he paid a dear price… He was incarcerated for 10 years for his role. The hardest part to accept in this whole mess, there were others who did the same thing and got a way without a slap on the hand… Yet, my husband was made a scape goat as he did NOT have anyone to rat on…

    Yet, while my husband served this Country during the Vietnam Era on the ship, had he performed a deed that cost his life, he would have been ACKNOWLEDGED as an American… American Soldier. Conversely, after serving our country he committed a crime, a crime for which he paid his debt to society, he is now banished from this country… a country we have known since our formative years. He is separated from our families, and our community, at a cost of extreme emotional and financial anguish, un-measureable frustration and helplessness each day.

    I can tell you, the Holidays are the hardest part of the separation… We all miss being together. I pray for some relief soon!


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