National Association of Evangelicals: Bipartisan Bill Would Ease Prison Overcrowding

Post Date: April 29, 2013

Galen Carey, the vice president of Government Relations for the National Association of Evangelicals, wrote an op-ed on the need for sentencing reform in The Hill on April 29.  Writes Carey: 

“Thirty years ago, the National Association of Evangelicals adopted a policy statement condemning America’s overcrowded and non-rehabilitative prisons.  We recognized the need to punish offenders and incarcerate dangerous criminals but noted that “half of those in prison have been convicted of non-violent offenses.” For these offenders, we recommended biblically-based sanctions like restitution “as an alternative or supplement to incarceration.” We also opposed excessive incarceration due to its high expense and because it undermines rehabilitation. Looking back three decades later, it is remarkable how true our statement remains, and how little policymakers have done to improve the situation in our prisons.”  Read more