My Story: Jessica L.

I became aware of FAMM in 2008 when my own loved one was sentenced to serve twenty years in federal prison. The past five years of his incarceration have been unbearable and have taken a toll on all of us, especially his now 10 year old son. The separation of family for such a long time only deteriorates relationships, even more so when a loved one is incarcerated thousands of miles away from home. Rodolfo, like countless inmates, is suffering through an unnecessarily extensive sentence for no good public safety or criminal “justice” reason. While crimes warrant punishment, extensive punishment like mandatory minimums only destroy the person and the relationships that ultimately serve as their only hope of rehabilitation.

The public is not well-served by locking up offenders whose criminal backgrounds do not warrant lengthy prison sentences, separating them from their families and taking away their ability to work or otherwise contribute to society. Thousands of families including mine depend on activists like FAMM to help bring about much needed change to this particular area of our Criminal “Justice” system and to help us keep hope that we will reunite with our loved ones outside of prison gates, sooner rather than much later.

— Jessica L.