More on Parole – Your Help Needed!

Post Date: July 3, 2013

The one-year anniversary of the 2012 sentencing reforms is drawing near.  We need your help to learn more about how the Parole Board is using the new law when deciding on parole for drug offenders.  We also wanted to let you know about some developments in the courts. 

Survey for prisoners.  Please help us gather information on how well the 2012 sentencing reforms are working.  If your loved one is a drug offender who already had his/her parole hearing, please send him/her FAMM’s parole survey.  We need to hear from those who were granted parole as well as those who were denied.  The information we gather will help us push for any needed improvements. 

Parole eligibility for drug offenders sentenced after August 2, 2012.  As you know, the new sentencing reforms took effect on August 2, 2012.  We are starting to get questions from drug offenders whose offense took place before August 2 but were sentenced after that date (or haven’t yet been sentenced).  Which mandatory minimum applies, the old one or the new one?  Who is eligible for parole?  The short answer is that we are waiting for the Supreme Judicial Court to decide.  See our parole eligiblity update.

Preparing for parole hearings.  Finally, you can help your loved ones prepare for their parole hearing.  Print out and send our brochure, Parole hearings for drug offenders.” 

Thanks for your help!  And have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday! 


Barbara J. Dougan

Massachusetts Project Director