Sentencing News

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July 20, 2016

Jeffrey Woods

When police discovered drugs in his car and arrested him, Jeff finally found the strength to clean up his act and get sober while he was out on bond. Sentenced to nearly six years, Jeff is working hard in prison to stay sober and help other men find the peace that he has. “I successfully… Read more »

July 18, 2016

JustiFACT: FAMM’s New Fact Checking Initiative

Contact: Leila McDowell 202.822.6700 NEW FACT CHECKING INITIATIVE WILL MONITOR ‘LAW AND ORDER’ STATEMENTS AT BOTH THE RNC AND DNC CONVENTIONS The nation’s leading sentencing reform organization, FAMM, today is launching JustiFACT, a fact checking initiative to monitor and assess the statements of public policymakers and others at the upcoming national party conventions. This initiative begins at a time… Read more »

July 14, 2016

Congressional Update: Working Away While Congress is Away

Just as election season is speeding up, work in Congress is grinding to a halt. Tomorrow, members of Congress will return to their home states to campaign for reelection. They won’t be back or voting on bills until September 7. They’ll work during the month of September, and then they’ll hit the campaign trail again… Read more »

July 13, 2016

Paul Fields

Categorized as a “Career Offender” because of prior nonviolent offenses, Paul Fields is now serving a 15½-year sentence in federal prison on one count of growing marijuana. His daughter was an infant when he went to prison, and she will be 14 when he is released.   “Designed to punish the most recalcitrant recidivists, in reality… Read more »

July 12, 2016

Success Story: Eric Wilson

  “I want to be part of the solution and no longer part of the problem. One bad decision does not have to define you; you can change if in your heart you want to change.” -Eric Wilson   Eric Wilson looks proudly at the collection of knives, razor blades, sharpened scissors, and welding guns… Read more »

July 8, 2016

Sen. Sessions Sentenced Me to 30 Years and Then Changed His Mind

Originally appeared in By FAMM Member Stephanie Nodd I was just 23 years old and had never been in trouble with the law when Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions, then a federal prosecutor, helped send me to federal prison for a 30-year sentence. The year was 1990. A cash-strapped single mother, I stupidly helped out… Read more »

July 6, 2016

A Father Set Free, But Pain Lingers for Family

Originally appeared in the Huffington Post By Julie Stewart   Two of the happiest people in the world visited Washington, D.C., last week: Weldon Angelos, 36, and his 17-year-old son, Jesse. Just one month ago, Weldon was released early after serving almost 13 years of a 55-year prison sentence, and Jesse’s own “sentence”—growing up without a… Read more »