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Proper sentencing and its relation to public safety is a complex issue for lawmakers. FAMM provides federal and state lawmakers and their staffs with research, data, and analysis of existing and proposed mandatory sentencing laws. We have experts and impacted people available to testify at hearings and briefings. We also provide model legislative language for repealing mandatory minimums or creating reforms such as safety valve exceptions. 


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March 16, 2014

A Rare Opportunity on Criminal Justice

(New York Times Editorial) — The current Congress is the place where virtually all legislation, however urgent or reasonable, goes to die. Yet out of this stew of partisan mistrust and dysfunction there may come one promising and unexpected achievement: the first major reforms to America’s broken criminal justice system in a generation. Two bipartisan bills… Read more »

March 9, 2014

CPAC: The Conservative Case for Criminal Justice Reform

(ReasonTV) – “You wouldn’t necessarily expect–and certainly the establishment press doesn’t expect–to hear a discussion about criminal justice reforms and prison reform at the Conservative Political Action Conference,” stated Americans for Tax Reform Founder Grover Norquist. “But in point of fact this is a big problem, it’s an expensive problem, [and] it’s a problem that creates more expensive… Read more »

March 7, 2014

Criminal-Justice Reform, Brought to You by CPAC

(National Journal) – After a career sending people to prison, it took three years inside a federal penitentiary to change Bernie Kerik’s mind about the criminal justice system. “Not only did I not know,” he tells National Journal, “I didn’t know because I didn’t pay enough attention to it. My job as a police officer and police… Read more »