It’s a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Day at FAMM!

Post Date: November 3, 2016

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5 Responses to “It’s a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Day at FAMM!”

  1. veronica mullins

    How do I file for clemency for my self and my son Robert Adam Tackett. We are nonviolent drug offenders.

  2. Melody johnson

    My husband took his case to trial the 15 cents of meth was not his or his vehical he was found guilty they want to give him 15 to 20 yrs for 15 cents of meth was not even in a bag picked it up off the floor board of vehical there has to be something done about this pleAse help our family thank you.

  3. rick

    why do they always say non violent drug offenders when there are so many non violent min sen laws were people are serving time I wrote at least 40 letters to niel eggeston and president barack Obama any you get back the same pre scripted letter back everytime I know last releast was 79 that’s like 1% of the 12000 and only six weeks left the onlyway to get to them all even looked at would be a blanket pardon clem. like they did for draft dodgers in nam and everyone knows when trump takes over its a done deal he is already talking more man. min. sen. laws

  4. Catherine

    My son is in a Florida prison for 15 years for a purse snatching. He did not have a weapon and it was non-violent. The woman had her purse in the shopping cart in the parking lot. He drove up in his truck and
    snatched it as she turned, she grabbed and held on. Because of this, they called it robbery. He is serving the MM of 15 with no gaintime because of PRR (prison release reoffender) law in FL. His other charge was violation of probation after 15 mos. of clean drug testing and smoked a very min.
    amount of pot on the day he was graduating from a “Seeds Of Change” program he had successfully completed. It was the FL DOC program that was a first time experiment and he was the graduating class speaker. He was also enrolled at Keiser University at that time getting straight “A’s in the law program, and on the Dean’s list. This time, I got him a lawyer, bailed him out and he got a job and paid restitution to the woman. The State’s Attorney did not care. All she cared about was the PRR so she would not hear anything else and the attorney was her friend and did absolutely NOTHING!!!
    What can we do? Another lawyer wants 10,000 to file a 38.50 motion to suppress, but there ar no gurantees and we don’t have that kind of money? What can we do?


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