If You Love FAMM Like I Love FAMM…

Post Date: December 3, 2013

Molly-email-sizeWalking to the FAMM water cooler the other day, a funny thought crossed my mind:

I can’t believe I get to do a job I love this much.

I love trying to change hearts and minds in Congress. I love going up to the Capitol each day to convince lawmakers that mandatory minimum sentences destroy lives, waste money, and don’t keep us safe. I love seeing lawmakers grasp the problem – and I really love it when they do something to fix it, like so many have done this year by introducing sentencing reform bills like the Smarter Sentencing Act and the Justice Safety Valve Act. And I love the possibilities that next year holds: 2014 will be the 20th anniversary of the safety valve reform that FAMM helped Congress pass in 1994. We want to celebrate that anniversary with another milestone: a broader safety valve that would make fairer sentences a reality for thousands more federal offenders facing mandatory minimums.

I love working with a smart team of people who hate injustice. We’re all here for different reasons, but a passion for a fairer and more compassionate justice system is the common denominator. I’m definitely not the only person in this office who loves working at FAMM.

I love that everything FAMM does is about real people suffering real injustice. Back in law school, I spent a lot of time learning legal philosophy and theory. But nothing FAMM does is theoretical. Whenever I visit a member of Congress, I talk about real stories and why we need real change, right now.

If you love FAMM as much as I do, please make a donation today. When you give this December, you actually “double your love” – a generous supporter will match your gift dollar for dollar. Every donation keeps the lights on, keeps the work going, and brings a smarter, fairer, better justice system within our reach. Thank you for giving today, so we can keep working for justice tomorrow.



Molly Gill
Government Affairs Counsel, FAMM