Holder Touts Benefits of Changes in Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Post Date: November 6, 2013

holder4(CNN) – Attorney General Eric Holder visited a federal court program for former criminal offenders to highlight the Justice Department efforts to change mandatory minimum sentences and other rigid federal rules.

Holder sat in court Tuesday as a group of men who have been released from prison in the past few months gave reports on efforts to find jobs, places to live and reunite with their families.

Each stepped before Judge Felipe Restrepo congratulated a few on milestones – new or second job, marriage, reuniting with children – and encouraged others to work to put their criminal past behind them.

Holder has ordered changes in how prosecutors pursue charged against non-violent drug offenders, seeking alternatives to prison where possible. He also is behind a push for more use of rehabilitative programs that aim to keep prisoners from re-offending and going back to prison. Read more