He Was Supposed to Die in Prison

Post Date: November 23, 2016

Yesterday President Obama granted 79 more commutations to federal prisoners, including some who were serving life sentences. They will join people like FAMM member Evans Ray, who was sentenced to die in prison but instead received a commutation last August.

Evans will be at home to celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time in 12 years. Watch this video of him sharing how he got the good news!

We’re happy for Evans and his family and all the other people who will rejoin their loved ones for the holidays.






Kevin Ring
Vice President 

7 Responses to “He Was Supposed to Die in Prison”

  1. Lorraine Yorgensen

    My fiance was sentenced to thirty years mandatory, for jewelry heists in 2011, the federal judge wanted him to plea deal on his accomplices, Jack would not fear of retaliation, all of them took the plea offer and only received 10 year sentences, He has served 5 years already and is not even receiving gain time, the facility he is in is full of murders and pedophiles, it was not a violent crime and would like to see if he can get less time and extended probation, He was living on the streets and none of his family would help him in any form, he just got involved with the wrong people, and made a huge mistake as we all have in desperate times, I believe that he was the escape goat for the mastermind of the scheme,
    Could you please see if there is anything that can be done, or even a transfer, we plan to be married while he is incarcerated, at this time I am in the hearing stage of my ssdi, should know if I am approved in March of next year. I am all he has and whatever can be done to help him would be much appreciated.
    Jack Daniel Cannon D.C. P23787century correctional institutions century FL 32535.

    • FAMM

      This is a very common and frustrating situation, Lorraine! Feel free to call us for some council. We do not give legal aid, but we CAN help make your fiance’s voice heard.

  2. Sholanda N

    Evans Ray has a great story! My Fiance is also serving a mandatory 15 year sentence for a drug charges. He has tried every avenue possible to get a time reduction unfortunately he hasn’t received a break yet. There was a fire arm on the case also, his case file states that it was found in his home. He is set to come home in 2018 so he at the end of his sentence however if there is something that could be done to get him home sooner that would be great!


    The father of my kids is serving 19.5 years for a non violent drug offense…. I believe he does not deserve this harsh sentence… He has 3 kids and he’s served our country… He’s never been in trouble with the law, and although i understand he committed a crime, I believe 19.5 is way to harsh for a non violent first offense… What can I do to help him.. I don’t even know where ro start… I believe he deserves to serve time, but not all those years away from his kids… And we have a son who has autism…. These years are crucial… He should he here helping with therapies and building a father son bond….. Any advice on what I can do to advocate or just try to appeal or I don’t know what to do… It’s all very new to me…

    • FAMM

      Malina, I’m so sorry to hear what is happening to your family. Please feel free to call us for guidance and someone to listen: 202-822-6700


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