Florida Sentencing Reform Bills in Committee Next Week! Please Help!

Post Date: January 2, 2014

Hello Florida FAMM!

I hope each of you had a nice holiday! We’re back with big news right out of the gate in 2014, and we need your help! On Wednesday, January 8, the Senate Criminal Justice Committee will consider SB 448, which aims to prevent injustices under 10-20-Life that have become commonplace in our state. You can see that bill here.

The same committee will also consider SB 360, which reforms Florida’s drug trafficking sentencing laws. That bill completely eliminates the mandatory minimum for “trafficking” in less than 14 grams of prescription painkillers, and reforms the sentences associated with various weights. You can see that bill here. FAMM’s summary of the bill is here.

These are hugely important bills in the fight to reform Florida’s sentencing laws, and we need your help to pass them! Please email the members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee TODAY and let them know you support SB 448 and SB 360. Here are the email addresses for the members of the committee. (Feel free to cut and paste all of them into one email.)


In the subject line of the email, write “SUPPORT SB 360 AND SB 448!”

In the body of the email, write simply:


     I’m writing to ask for your support of SB 360 and SB 448 in the Criminal Justice Committee next 

     (YOUR NAME)
     (YOUR TOWN)

That’s all you need to write! Thank you! Together we can get this done!

Greg Newburn, FAMM Florida Project Director