Fighting Injustice in Florida

Post Date: December 18, 2013

Greg-picI’ve got a pretty cool job: running FAMM’s Florida campaign to rid the state of its horrible drug and gun mandatory sentencing laws. 

Not everyone would want this job, but for me, it’s a perfect fit. I get to combine my educational training (as a lawyer) with my past work experience (as a teacher) and my political philosophy (as a libertarian) to explain to lawmakers how mandatory sentences create individual injustices and cost taxpayers millions of dollars. 

In doing my job, I’ve met so many people serving astonishingly long sentences for offenses that most people wouldn’t even consider a crime. People like Ronald Thompson, Orville Wollard, and Marissa Alexander, each of whom fired a warning shot and ended up in prison for 20 years. Or Todd Hannigan who stole his mother’s Vicodin pills in an attempt to take his own life and instead was arrested for “trafficking” prescription drugs and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Every single day I get angry at the thought that Florida – the state where I was born, raised, educated, and am raising my son; my state – tolerates and perpetuates this kind of injustice. 

That anger motivates me get up every day and drive all over this state to meet with anyone and everyone who can help us change these laws. And we’re getting there. We’ve got two sentencing reform bills ready to roll when the Florida legislature meets in March and we’ll be working every angle to get them passed. 

But I need your help. Please send your donation to FAMM today to insure that we can go full steam when the New Year starts – in Florida, in Massachusetts, in Congress and wherever else we can afford to fight mandatory sentencing laws. 

Thank you,


Gregory Newburn
Florida Project Director

P.S. Don’t forget – every dollar you send to FAMM until the end of the year will be matched by another generous supporter who hates mandatory minimum sentences just like I do!