FAMM Featured in Wall Street Journal

Happy Friday! Before the weekend arrives, we wanted to make sure you saw our latest news.

  • First, FAMM’s work was profiled this morning in the Wall Street Journal! The article mentions our new efforts to improve programming and rehabilitation in federal prisons. Stay tuned for a report from FAMM on the topic in the coming weeks.

  • FAMM’s other post-election goal is to increase our work in the states. We are now on the ground in Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri, fighting for individualized sentencing laws. Just yesterday, our allies in the Florida House introduced a major reform bill. Read our statement on the bill. 
  • President Trump yesterday signed three executive orders relating to crime and law enforcement. As he has already announced his intention to seek mandatory minimums for undocumented immigrants, these most recent orders suggest that the president soon will be seeking new mandatory minimums for existing crimes. FAMM will fight any attempt to impose additional one-size-fits-all sentences.
  • FAMM continues to identify and highlight the stories of individuals who receive absurd, excessive mandatory minimum sentences. This week, we released this short video about Shirley Schmitt, an addict who never sold drugs for profit, but received a ten-year mandatory minimum. Please share this video with your friends, families, and networks!

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend.

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Kevin A. Ring
President, FAMM