BOP Makes Changes to RDAP Rules

Post Date: May 31, 2016

The Bureau of Prisons announced it is making some changes to the RDAP rules.   There are two important changes we wanted to mention.

  1. Ten Year Rule for Priors.

    Under the old rules, prisoners could not be eligible for early release if they were ever  previously convicted of certain homicides,  forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, arson, kidnapping, or sexual abuse of a minor.

    The new rules make prisoners with those prior convictions eligible for early release if those prior convictions occurred more than ten years before the date of sentencing for the current offense.

  2. Expulsion from RDAP

    Under the old rules, prisoners who the DHO found had committed a prohibited act involving alcohol or drugs, violence or threat of violence, escape or attempted escape, or any 100 level series event were immediately expelled from RDAP.

    The new rules eliminates automatic expulsion for those events.

Prisoners can find out more about the new rules at their facilities.  The new rules go into effect on May 26, 2016.