October 26, 2015

Debi Campbell Testifies Before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Debi Campbell was sentenced to 19 years in prison for her role in a meth distribution conspiracy. Ms. Campbell, who served her full sentence (minus 15 percent, the maximum allowable “earned time” in the federal system) says now that she needed a wake-up call–but that her sentence went far beyond what was necessary.  Ms. Campbell is now… Read more »

October 16, 2015

New FAMM Poll Reveals Unprecedented Support for Eliminating Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Results Suggest Public Wants Congress to Pass Bold Reforms MEDIA CONTACT: Mike Riggs,, 202-822-6706  WASHINGTON, DC – Families Against Mandatory Minimum (FAMM) President Julie Stewart today released the results of a new poll [pdf], which revealed that an astonishing 77 percent of Americans support repealing mandatory minimums for nonviolent offenses. FAMM commissioned the poll, which… Read more »

August 19, 2015

What Can Gordon Ramsay Teach us About Mandatory Minimums?

I’ve been watching old episodes of Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix. It’s a great show. The premise is simple: Chef Gordon Ramsay – who rules – visits struggling restaurants and tries to turn them around. Every episode has exactly the same arc (which doesn’t matter because they’re all compelling): Ramsay visits the restaurant and has lunch,… Read more »

August 13, 2015

“Kate’s Law,” Unintended Consequences, and Public Safety

Over at “American Thinker,” “Newsmachete” is incredulous that Senator Mike Lee (R, Utah) opposes a bill that would impose a five-year mandatory minimum prison sentence for anyone who is deported and then comes back to the United States. Here’s what Newsmachete says: Five years may be harsh where the only crime is re-entering our country illegally.  But our citizens are being… Read more »

July 27, 2015

FAMM Releases Response to NAAUSA Anti-Reform Propaganda

July 27, 2015 MEDIA CONTACT: Mike Riggs, Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) today released “The Dangerous Myths of NAAUSA: A Response to the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys’ Paper Titled “The Dangerous Myths of Drug Sentencing ‘Reform.’” The release of the white paper was timed to coincide with a briefing representatives of NAAUSA are… Read more »

July 13, 2015

These 46 Men and Women Received Commutations Today From President Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Barack Obama granted commutations of sentence to 46 individuals.   Jerry Allen Bailey – Charlotte, NC Offense: Conspiracy to violate narcotics laws (crack) (Western District of North Carolina) Sentence: 360 months’ imprisonment; 10 years’ supervised release (Apr. 2, 1996) Commutation Grant: Prison sentence commuted to expire on November 10, 2015…. Read more »


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