November 10, 2016

Making Prisons Full Again?

Elections have consequences, and Tuesday night’s election could dramatically harm our chances of achieving federal sentencing reform. Let me explain why I say that—and why FAMM needs your help now more than ever to maintain the progress we’ve made. First, President-elect Donald Trump said that in his first 100 days of office he wants to… Read more »

October 27, 2016

Unhappy Anniversary – NEW VIDEO

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. And at FAMM, we’re not celebrating. This law established our current federal mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws, which we are working to get rid of everyday. In this video, we urge lawmakers not to celebrate, but to repeal this ill-conceived law. If you… Read more »

October 26, 2016

Lighting the Match

It’s matching grant time at FAMM – time to make your contribution go twice as far!  When I launched FAMM twenty-five years ago, I never would have imagined that a generous supporter would match every dollar raised at the end of the year! Back then I had nothing more than a cardboard box full of… Read more »

October 18, 2016

Incarcerating US Documentary Features FAMM Pres. Julie Stewart

A new documentary film is out starring FAMM President Julie Stewart and longtime FAMM board member Eric Sterling. Incarcerating US does a great job of explaining how bad policies, including mandatory minimum sentences, have caused our nation’s prison population to explode to record heights. Julie and Eric participated in a lively panel discussion following the… Read more »

October 4, 2016

How Should Originalist Legislators Think About Mandatory Minimum Drug Laws?

Imagine you are a state legislator – or perhaps you don’t need to imagine! – who believes the following: The U.S. Constitution should be interpreted according to the original meaning of the text; Legislation that violates the U.S. Constitution so interpreted is unconstitutional; and   The legislature shouldn’t approve any unconstitutional legislation. How should a… Read more »

September 28, 2016

FAMM Facts

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said that, and it’s been stuck in my head these days. Lately, critics of sentencing reform have been coming up with some real doozies. To counter these false claims, FAMM has launched two initiatives. Just recently, we… Read more »


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