Bill Would Cut Minimum Penalties for Pain Pill Crimes

Post Date: October 4, 2013

Rep. Dave Hood

Florida Rep. Dave Hood

(Daytona Beach News-Journal/Greg Newburn quoted) — Mandatory minimum sentences would be reduced or eliminated for drug offenses involving oxycodone or hydrocodone, according to a bill co-sponsored by local state Rep. David Hood.

The bill would create new sentencing guidelines for oxycodone and hydrocodone and discontinue mixing the pain-pill penalties with the stiffer mandatory sentences for morphine and opium. The bill would also eliminate trafficking penalties for pain-pill amounts under 14 grams, which under the current law began at 4 grams or about seven pills.

Hood, a Daytona Beach Shores Republican, said in a phone interview that it’s unnecessary to lock people away for long periods of times over a few pain pills.

“It’s a nonviolent crime. It doesn’t make any sense,” Hood said. “Not to say that we are in favor of people abusing those drugs. But we should have some judgment involved in what we do; otherwise we are ruining lives and wasting money.”  Read more