Angelita Able

Angelita AbleAngelita received 20 to 60 years in prison for 225-649 grams of cocaine. While she did not initially benefit from Michigan’s 2003 sentencing reforms, she wrote the court and was ultimately resentenced to six to 30 years. She was released from prison in 2007.

Angelita received 20 to 60 years for 225-649 grams of cocaine. She served over a decade behind bars.   

While incarcerated, Angelita organized a group of women to write lawmakers about drug sentencing reform. After she heard about FAMM, Angelita arranged for Michigan coordinators to come inside the prison and meet with her group. She became a powerful voice for the need for sentencing reform over the next decade.

Initially, Angelita did not benefit from the 2003 reforms but wrote the court and explained that her case should be considered under the changing laws. She was resentenced to 6 to 30 years and released from prison in 2007.

Angelita is now home with her three daughters, gainfully employed and earning her Masters degree in engineering. She has met with Michigan lawmakers to work on violence prevention in Detroit.

She continues to speak openly about her experience and encourages lawmakers to make sentencing more holistic: “Don’t just look at the crime. Look at why the crime happened and…how it could be prevented. Give people a second chance.”