Alderson Hospitality House’s 10 in 10 Challenge

Post Date: October 3, 2013

Alderson Hospitality House2

The Alderson Hospitality House is a non-profit bed and breakfast hosting families and friends of the women incarcerated at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp. Some of the most important visitors to the House are the children of the women, and for most, it is a long trip, often made only once or twice a year, to spend a few hours with their mothers.

The Visitor’s Center at the Prison Camp is a busy place. Kids of all shapes and sizes, with sport team shirts and pretty dresses abound, as do hugs, laughter and tears. Some kids share treats from the vending machines or play a game with their mothers; some sit on laps, tightly hold hands, have serious conversations or just laugh and smile. This is an important time and a day that passes all too quickly. The importance of keeping that child/parental connection cannot be overstated.

Many of these children would not be able to enjoy even this brief time with their mothers if it were not for the Alderson Hospitality House. Many care-taking families are not financially able to pay for lodging and food to come and spend some time visiting a woman at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp. The fact that there is a place of warmth and hospitality to stay, and yes, share your burdens, can keep the ties between the inmate and family strong – a most important factor in reducing recidivism.

In order to continue the important work of providing hospitality to the families, friends and children of women incarcerated at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp, they are asking for YOUR support. They have a simple challenge for you: find 10 people to give $10 by October 10th.

Will you accept the challenge?